Sunday, 21 July 2013

How Do You Get A Home Equity Line Of Credit?

Strange days we’ve been having. Bad weather here, worse weather over there. The neighbor just lost his home to foreclosure and here we are in the middle of 2013 wondering what the future holds for homeownership. One thing that hasn’t changed is the potential of heloc rates and what you might be able to do with this money over time. Many people are afraid to put a lien on their home or take out more loans and acquire new debt. Others are eager to spend money, but haven’t a clue how to handle paying back debt. The key is to make financially sound decisions with home equity lines of credit that will pay off at some point, and have a good personal repayment plan that doesn’t include losing everything because of your debts. But why use equity in the first place?
  • Have you ever dream't of starting your own business? With credit equity you could potentially have a steady income to help build a business in the first few “lean” years while you establish your service or product.
  • Do you want to send your child to college? Refinancing a home equity line of credit can be an investment in someone you love while they pursue higher education and greater opportunities.
  • Are you anticipating medical procedures or expenses over the next few years that might be very expensive? Heloc loans can bump your income up just enough to make those payments a little less of a burden.
What’s Equity And How Can I Use It?

If you have been paying off the principal on your home for a while you have been building up a little pile of equity. This is money that is technically yours to do with what you want, but up until this point you have been putting it towards your home and mortgage. With a home equity line of credit you can access this money as if it were a credit card any time. However it comes in the form of cash, and it is tax deductible since it is attached to your home. The risk is that you will be taking on more debt to be paid off at a later date, but the benefit is that you get the money now to do with as you like.

The Cash Out Option

Equity can also be acquired through cash out options where the money is acquired in a lump sum much like any other loan. Whatever you take out will set you back from paying back your mortgage entirely, but these lump payments can be very helpful for people who want to reinvest in their property. Often someone will take out a loan to make home improvements. Other times they take that long needed vacation to Europe. Again, the money is yours to do with as you please.

Risk Verse Reward

Both home equity lines of credit and cash out options come with risks. The lender will require that the loan be paid off at a certain date that is negotiable. Even people with low credit scores can take out bad credit home equity lines of credit, but the risk of eventually falling behind in mortgage payments and other debts is something that needs to be weighed against the possible benefits.

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